Ready to build your vision? We can help you with:

Market Assessment

  • How to get into the market
  • Test its viability
  • Plan and fund your operation

Create the business model

  • Pricing
  • Vehicle placement
  • Fleet management
  • Day-to-day operations
  • Selecting staff
  • Licensing


  • Demand creation
  • Technology implementation
  • Best practices
  • Assist and coach you

Our Experience

  • MuvMe, Inc. retains the shared mobility industry’s top talent to launch your new business to its deserved success.  A sampling of the services our experts can provide include the following: an initial feasibility study, business and project planning, assistance in launching and implementing a new business, advising during the first and subsequent years of operation, and more.
  • Our cumulative experience is over fifty years starting, operating and selling these businesses in Seattle, Portland, Toronto, Vancouver, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago as well as consulting with all the major players in the automotive, insurance, large fleet management, car sharing and car rental corporations, on a worldwide basis.

Our Technologies

  • Leading edge technologies and customizable user interfaces for cost effective business tailored implementations.
  • True Mobile Frontend (IOS, Android, Web): Search and Book Cars, control door and ignition access, track keys and gas card, live monitor of fuel and distance, driving safety measurement.
  • Backend: Full management of members, fleet management and communications, reservation system, operational decision support, billing and payment integration, customized reporting, end to end security and multi-vendor telematics support.
  • Supports transportation industry and telecommunication industry standards

A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity

  • Participate in an emerging market growing by over 33% and not even penetrated by 1%
  • Produce revenues 50% higher than traditional car rental
  • Have the option of being acquired at 2x - 3x revenue
  • Expand locally and become the dominant player
  • Be in the top 20% of growth and revenue production?
  • Have us assist you with the early-stage heavy lifting to start your business

Our clients

The Founder

We started this Silicon Valley based business to address the huge market opportunity in on-demand shared mobility, by accomplishing the following:

New entrants to this industry will be ensured a successful, established implementation and guided through a very profitable future.

Prices and the cost of entry can be driven down with technology leadership products which are more efficient and effective.

As stated by a rental car industry luminary, “This is car sharing 2.0” and we agree.

So join us and together we will create the next evolution in personal transportation.


About MuvMe

MuvMe provides a complete turnkey solution to accelerate the growth of the On-demand Shared Mobility Market and create distinct competitive advantages for local Car Rental Companies to expand their business and their brand awareness.

Car Sharing is primarily designed for short time-and-distance trips as compared to traditional car rentals. Until now, local Car Rental Companies have not been able to participate in this market.

Every year there are over 200 entrepreneurs and business owners who have an active vision to become a Car Sharing Operator. MuvMe has designed and built a business model and a technology platform that accelerates the entrance to the Car Sharing Market.

Thinking of operating an on-demand car rental or car share?

Talk with us regarding our turnkey solutions.